About Clanbase

Clanbase allows you to create and compare RuneScape teams in a fast, fun and secure way. We have a grand plan involving inter-clan relations longer term, but we're keeping that under-wraps for now!

Given that we're still pretty new, there is understandably a lot of oddities in the website; Items need fixing up and features need implementing. Hopefully you can appreciate it takes a huge deal longer than an afternoons work for a site like this - especially when built properly. If you'd like to contribute or suggest ideas we'd love to hear from you. We're particularly on the lookout for an illustrator right now; illustrators, are you up for the challenge?

Who is behind Clanbase?

Started as a side-project, Clanbase is largely the sole work of full-time developer Paul Millar. Paul has been building websites for over 9 years. Feel free to contact him - he won't bite.


Clanbase would like to give the following people an e-hug:

Many thanks to Spling, (The creator of of RuneScript) for fielding questions from a RuneScape API eejit and allowing usage of the mighty RuneScript API itself.

Much love must also go to early adopters and friends:

  • M D B
  • Matt^
  • Tokyoanime13
  • Pilot_304
  • Sodo Mize U
  • Ritchie
  • KingrangZ

Last but not least, thanks to you for supporting and being an active part of Clanbase. Click Here